Uptown Dog

Adventures of a not-so-average mutt making new friends in New York City

Uptown Dog’s Debut

Mom got the blog started – now it’s my turn to take over!

I’m moving into a swanky 500 square foot apartment on the Upper East Side, so you probably think I’m a big deal. But I wasn’t always so fortunate. To understand my leash on life, you’ll have to learn more about where I came from.

Mom and Dad found me at a Petsmart adoption day in Nashville, Tennessee. The rescue organization that brought me there said I came in with a few other rescues from Georgia. The details from my puppy days are a bit hazy, so I don’t remember my real mom or any of my brothers and sisters. Maybe this blog will help me find them.

Here’s a picture of me from Petfinder, before I found a home with Mom and Dad:

At the time, my Mom was going to graduate school and she lived far away from my Dad. He was visiting that weekend, so the two of them brought me home, where I immediately made myself comfortable on the couch. I was in charge of the place in about 5 minutes:

But the next day, my Dad had to go back to his job in Baltimore, Maryland. For two years it was just me and Mom, and I didn’t get to see my Dad that much. I honestly wasn’t sure if the guy even liked me, because we would have so much fun together, and then he would just leave! But then I realized….it’s impossible not to like me. So I knew my Dad’s absence was due to circumstances beyond my control. This was a very important turning point in my young life.

After my Mom finished school, we moved out to Washington, D.C. so we could be closer to Dad. That’s when they decided to get married so the three of us could be together all the time. In case you haven’t figured this out yet – all of their life decisions revolve around me, because I’m in charge, and that’s just how it works.

Even though I have been living in a big city for almost two years, moving to New York is going to be an adjustment. We live in a very grassy part of town near the National Cathedral. My Mom listens to a lot of popular music, and I have heard New York referred to as a “concrete jungle.” This gives me some concern….where am I supposed to pee?

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