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The New Normal: New York Parks

Our apartment has been cramped while Mom and Dad unpack the moving boxes. So, when Mom said that there’s a park right by our new apartment, I couldn’t contain my excitement. (I am not alluding to an “accident” in the house….I’m a civilized dog, thanks!) I pictured grassy hills to run on. Squirrels to growl at. Kids just begging to pet me. I had a major case of the wiggles!

I dragged Mom down the street as fast as possible. But what I saw stopped me in my tracks. Concrete and bricks everywhere. No grass at all. And no squirrels either…just rats! They dart from place to place, leaving me no time to growl at them. And here’s the worst part. The playground is full of kids, but no dogs are allowed. What a cruel joke!

I’m still trying to adjust, and with time I know I will find new things that make me giddy. Mom says there are more parks in the neighborhood that have grassy areas, including a big one called “central park.” The name sounds a bit boring, but I guess I’ll give it a try. In the meantime, I’m going to take a nap in the sun with one of my favorite toys, and visit the park of my dreams.

Here’s a question for the city dogs out there: what are your favorite things about urban life? Please share them with me!

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4 thoughts on “The New Normal: New York Parks

  1. megasian on said:

    I love the imagery that you give us. I can imagine him being ridiculously over-excited.
    Hm, I live in the northern part of the OC.. not quite urban. But I’ll give it a shot… 1. suburban neighbor hoods. 2. (hopefully, crossing fingers) a dog park 3. find those dog club/communities. The last one, I totally made up..but maybe there is one in NY

  2. That looks like the greatest nap in the world.

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