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Caught in the act: cornbread thief

Last night Mom made chicken chili and cornbread. It smelled SO good. Mom is very conscientious about my health, so she only gave me a couple tiny pieces of boiled chicken. It was not nearly enough to satisfy my chicken craving! As always, I had a plan.

After Mom finishes cooking and stuffing her face, she’s usually had a glass of wine or two, and she is really tired. Most of her energy is devoted to digesting and keeping her eyes open long enough to watch the end of “Glee.”

This is my opening. When I thought she wasn’t looking, I went in for the kill….

Turns out I went for the cornbread plate instead of the chili plate. I got busted for nothing! My skills must be getting rusty.

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7 thoughts on “Caught in the act: cornbread thief

  1. If you’re sneaky enough you can get both plates before you’re caught.

  2. Oftentimes I take other people’s scrap food too…we should get together and talk strategy.

  3. misswhiplash on said:

    What a cute doggie you are. Icame here via a link on Bongo site so if you do not mind I would like to read more about you so I have clicked the follow button

    love from Patrecia a skin

  4. Hmm, it does sound as if you need a refresher course. Have you read Bassa’s snaffling tips for dogs? Might be useful. http://bassasblog.wordpress.com/2011/07/15/bassas-snaffling-tips-for-dogs/

  5. Dear cuz,
    I especially like those dog biscuits that the bank teller gives out in drive-thru. Mom only gave me half of the biscuit on our last visit. So I thought to myself, what’s up with that? Does she think I need to go on a diet. I have a pretty svelte figure already, so I felt like….show me the biscuit….if you know what I mean.

    She accidentally left it on the front seat of the car while popping in Starbucks to get one of those Cafe Mocha’s. (She can’t seem to go anywhere without steering the car towards their parking lot).

    Anyway, I figured while she wasn’t looking, I would eat the other half of the biscuit left unattended on the front seat.

    Not a good idea. Mom, was sooo mad when she saw what I had done, she threw the lid of whip cream she picked up for me while waiting for her coffee.

    Thought for the day – sometimes it doesn’t pay to be a pig.

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