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Law School Puppy Party

My Mom adopted me when she was in law school, because she thought a dog would make long hours of studying more bearable. She was nervous about taking on the responsibilities of being a dog owner, but Dad encouraged her to go for it – there are so many great dogs out there who need a happy home. I like to think we have a symbiotic relationship: we take care of each other.

Turns out my Mom had the right idea. We found this article about law schools offering therapy dogs to calm stressed out students. One school in Virginia teamed up with a rescue foundation to host a “puppy party” where students cuddled with adoptable puppies. The students needed to relax before finals, and the puppies needed to be socialized. It’s a win-win!

Don’t miss this video of the adorable puppies in action. As one student says, they are “too cute for words!”

I wonder if the experience persuaded any of the students to give a puppy a forever home. It’s probably best to wait ’til finals are over so they can devote plenty of time to potty training, though. (At least, this is what my Mom tells me!)

To the moms and dads out there who rescued your pets: what compelled you to bring a furry new family member into the fold? I would love to hear your stories!

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4 thoughts on “Law School Puppy Party

  1. I had always wanted a dog and worried about adopting one at the “right time” – being single at the time and living in a major metro area (with a long commute) I wasn’t sure I could make it work. But eventually the stars aligned and I adopted my first dog. Once I took that leap, I could not imagine my life without a dog in it! Now many years later, I’m married, work at home (no more long commute!) and live in a rural area where my dogs have room to stretch their legs. From now on, whatever my location or situation, I will always have a dog (or several dogs!).

  2. What a great idea and a total win-win situation.

  3. My people put up a fence in their yard so they could have a dog and not worry if they had to be gone all day. Then they came to the Humane Society and found me. Of course I learned I could jump the fence so now I get to stay in the house, and a friend comes over to let me out if they’re gone too long.

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