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Home for the Howlidays

With my final post of the week, I want to help out some of my furry friends in New York City who are looking for a home this “howliday” season. The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals is holding a huge adoption event this weekend at the Metropolitan Pavilion called “Whiskers in Wonderland.”  Check out the Mayor’s Alliance website for more details. The Mayor’s Alliance has a goal of making NYC a no-kill city by 2015, and we are behind them all the way!

Now, I don’t advocate giving pets as gifts because so many of them wind up back in shelters. Check out this post from the Iowa Dog Blog with some great thoughts on the subject. But if you’ve been thinking about adopting a pet for awhile, giving a homeless animal a loving home is a great way to celebrate the season. 

This adorable holiday video from Bergdorf Goodman might persuade you to take the plunge and adopt a pet for Christmas. (Thanks Miles to Style for sharing this!)

Even if you aren’t ready to adopt right now, you can still stop by Whiskers in Wonderland for some last-minute shopping and unusual holiday fun, including a poker-playing dog and a pet psychic! I want to get Mom one of these Mayor’s Alliance t-shirts from SocialPakt. (You can order these online too!)

Have a great weekend everyone!


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3 thoughts on “Home for the Howlidays

  1. Cute video. It would be great if every homeless dog could win someone’s heart that way.

  2. Hey there UD.

    Our Darwin RSPCA is already full and it’s not even the busiest time of the season yet… I hope they can cope.

    We’ve nominated you for an award. You can read more about it on our latest post.

    H and Flo

  3. Aw shucks, an award! Thanks Flo. You are too kind!

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