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Uptown Dog’s Favorite Band

After writing my New Year’s blog post mentioning some of our favorite songs, I decided that I wanted to write more about music. There aren’t many songs out there about dogs – I think we are all tired of “Who Let The Dogs Out.” (No offense, Baha Men.) But there is a great music video featuring dogs that really gets my tail wagging.

OK Go made a video for their song “White Knuckles” where the four band members perform tricks with 12 different dogs, several of whom are rescues. And get this – the video is all one take! It took 124 takes and three days to get it just right. They must have gone through a LOT of dog treats.

I think it’s fantastic that the band featured rescued dogs in their video. What a great way to show the world what shelter pets can do! They are also using the video to raise money for homeless pets. If you download “White Knuckles” from the OK Go website, net proceeds from the download price will be donated to the ASPCA. The band requested that the donations be allocated to rural animal shelters.

If you are curious to see how OK Go pulled this off, check out this behind the scenes video. It looks like everyone involved had a lot of fun!

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3 thoughts on “Uptown Dog’s Favorite Band

  1. This is so cool. I would be the dog jumping up and down.

  2. Wheaton gramma on said:

    Wow! Those are some clever dogs…and humans!

  3. THIS IS SO COOL! Thanks for sharing, Uptown Dog- what a cool way to raise awareness about rescue and adoption! We’d like to interview and feature you on our blog. Check it out: http://loveofmydogs.com/2012/01/03/dog-treats-interview-series/
    If you’d like to do it, send us your email and we’ll send the interview over!

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