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Paws to the Pavement: A Run in Central Park

Welcome to Uptown Dog’s latest project – the “Paws to the Pavement” photography feature! I love browsing Flickr and Instagram to see how other city dogs are making the most of life in an urban environment. So I decided, why not share these great pictures on my blog? 

I want to start out “Paws to the Pavement” with a dog who lives right here in New York City. Check out these shots of Maverick, a pit bull, exploring Central Park. Maybe I’ll see you there sometime, Maverick…if I can catch up with you!

(Source – Shahab Ghalambor on Flickr)


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6 thoughts on “Paws to the Pavement: A Run in Central Park

  1. that first photo is so dynamic… thanks for posting this – Twinkle

  2. These are great photos. Thanks for sharing, Uptown!

  3. Thank you for sharing the great pics!!! The old guy says he went to central park a long time ago…. we collies wish we could go but he says it is too long of a walk to get there something like 800 miles! But, thanks to you we collies get to see Central Park!

    Lots of Collie Hugs!

    The Collies and Chuck 🙂

  4. The first picture is wonderful. Great idea to post “Paws to the Pavement” photos!

  5. Wonderful photos, Maverick is such a beautiful pup! I love the first one especially, what a face 🙂
    Love this Paws to the Pavement series, what a cool idea!!!

  6. What a beautiful dog! And a great idea for a series! Looking forward to more paws to the pavement photos!

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