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An Oscar for Uggie?

If you paid attention to any of the Golden Globes chatter last night, you probably already know that a wiry-haired Jack Russell terrier stole the show! Uggie is one of the stars of “The Artist,” a black-and-white silent film that took home the Golden Globe for best picture, comedy or musical.

Uggie worked the red carpet like a true professional. But Uggie’s star power comes from the fact that he is relatively untrained compared to other movie dogs. While most movie dogs have 100 tricks in their repertoire, Uggie only has 20. Apparently one of them is playing dead, a trick Uggie busted out on the Golden Globes stage while the cast of “The Artist” was accepting their award.

It’s no wonder that Uggie is generating a lot of Oscar buzz, despite the Academy’s rule that limits the awards to humans. Uptown Dog is throwing his weight (all 22 lbs!) behind the campaign to “Consider Uggie” for an Oscar. I can relate to him because he loves hot dogs, just like me! The human star of “The Artist,” Jean Dujardin, carried them around during filming to maintain Uggie’s affections.

Uggie became a star somewhat by accident. His original owners almost sent him to the pound after he bit their goat. That’s when his current owner and trainer, Omar von Muller, swooped in and adopted Uggie. Biting that goat was the best decision he ever made. Uggie, maybe you should send that goat a gift basket!

(Photos via Huffington Post and Washington Post)


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6 thoughts on “An Oscar for Uggie?

  1. Uggie is awesome! Thanks for posting all this cool information about this famous pup 🙂 Love the photos- Uggie is such a cutie pie!

  2. yay for Uggie! (though i think his name sounds weird to me) i luv the second photo of him claiming the goldy thing – Vanilla Bean

  3. I just saw this film yesterday and, as far as I’m concerned, Uggie stole the show. He was the star! Thank you for including the link to Consider Uggie. I hope he wins an Oscar too. And, Uptown Dog, you’re so cute, I think you’re a winner, too! 😉

  4. Teach me how to Uggie

  5. I think I may have to check out that movie.

  6. I wonder what Uggie’s acceptance speech would be like – he would be sure to thank the goat! 🙂

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