Uptown Dog

Adventures of a not-so-average mutt making new friends in New York City

Who’s Walking Who?

In New York, it seems like people are always in a hurry. Everyone walks at a brisk pace and cars are constantly honking at each other. New Yorkers especially hate waiting to cross the street. They’ll take a few steps into the street while they wait for the traffic signal to change, so that as soon as it turns green, they can rush across and make up for lost time.

Even though I’m just a little guy, I have no trouble keeping up with these crazy New Yorkers. In fact, I kind of enjoy this fast-paced lifestyle. I’ve always been the type of dog who can’t wait to see what’s around the corner. There are so many interesting smells out there in the world, and not nearly enough time to take them all in!

Mom and Dad, on the other hand, have always been slowpokes. That’s why I have taken it upon myself to hold onto the leash when we’re out for a walk to make sure they are still back there. When they need to speed up, I let them know by giving the leash a little tug, or waving the leash with my snout.

This is me waiting patiently for our walk to commence:

This is me after waiting for Mom to put on her hat….gloves….scarf….wait, you’re asking me where your cell phone is? Like I have a clue? Let’s get going already!

People on the street seem to think this is pretty funny. It’s not unusual to hear someone shout, “Who’s walking who?!” when we are out and about. They are just trying to humor my Mom – at this point, it’s obvious that I’m the one in charge of these walks.


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8 thoughts on “Who’s Walking Who?

  1. It was so great meeting you, Avis!

  2. What a sweetie!!
    How kind of you to take your humans out for a walk 🙂

  3. “Who’s walking who?” – we know the answer to that one! 🙂

  4. Don’t tell your mom. It’s better when we let them think they’re in control.

  5. Such a charming story, Uptown. Clearly, you’re the brains behind this operation. You set your folks straight. Way to go, champ!

  6. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew on said:

    We gotta tell you that you handle the fast pace in New York City better than Mumsy did when she was there a couple of times. Good job keeping your mom and dad up to snuff on that pace. That last picture is adorable. Hugs and nose kisses

  7. Wonderful photos, Uptown Dog! You are such a cutie and we just love those ears 🙂 I think Harley would enjoy the NYC lifestyle with you…he can’t wait to see what’s around the corner when we’re on walks either 🙂

  8. There’s no denying that our pupsters are the ones in charge! They keep us humans around for their amusement only, lol 😀

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