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Adventures of a not-so-average mutt making new friends in New York City


On Saturday, I finally saw some snow for the first time this winter! We only got about three inches, and it’s already melted by now, but it made for a couple of great visits to the park.

I love barreling through the snow so it sprays out everywhere. I feel like a jet flying through the clouds.

We met a lab named Paprika who let me play fetch with her. (My parents forgot the tennis ball – way to go guys!)

The soft snow felt so good under my paws instead of concrete. And the city looks so much prettier with a dusting of powder, don’t you think?

I hope it snows one more time before spring arrives. Today it’s sunny and temps are in the 50s – it barely feels like winter anymore!


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6 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. Yay! You got snow. It’s so much fun. We haven’t had any for awhile here.

  2. i must say…aroooo to yar snow romp – Vanilla Bean

  3. Hey Uptown! How did you like having cold feet? At least it wasn’t because you were about to get married, heh?

    Seriously, I’m envious because I have never had the pleasure of seeing or feeling snow, except in photographs, like yours. 😉

  4. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew on said:

    We are so happy for you that you had snow to play in for awhile. Those are great pictures of you in the snow. Sorry about the tennis ball. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. Brrrrr. Looks like fun though!

  6. Hey there.

    It’s your Aussie cousin from St. Lou. I was soooo happy today too! Mom took me out for a walk on the property. Crouching down in the snow, I rubbed the white wet stuff all over my nose. My toes were cold. Brrrr!

    I just don’t understand why she wouldn’t let me off my leash. We walked the path through the clearing and gazed at fallen trees, ruby red cardinals and squirrels scaling trees.

    Maybe sometime we could come visit you in the big city – mom and dad, and me of course. Well gotta go….the flakes are still falling in the Midwest.

    Love, your cuz,

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