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Brooklyn Wolf-Dog Gets a Happy Ending for Christmas

In the days leading up to Christmas, while most of us were busy sniffing presents under the tree and stealing unattended cookies, a wolf was found wandering the streets of Brooklyn. I was a bit concerned to learn about this, since wolves are much bigger and stronger than me. What would happen if i ran into one? My cheerful disposition and adorable lopsided ears are no match for a wolf’s survival instincts.

A very brave citizen put a collar on the wolf and brought her to a local shelter. There, authorities determined that she was not actually a wolf – phew! Instead, she is a wolf-dog hybrid who was probably kept illegally as an exotic pet. I couldn’t imagine being homeless and left to fend for myself during the holidays. I went from being terrified, to relieved, to just plain sad.

I asked Mom if we could invite the wolf-dog to Christmas dinner. Even though she agreed that the wolf-dog is a beautiful creature, it probably wasn’t a good idea, she said. After all, they are illegal to keep in New York, so we might only complicate matters. Mom assured me that the people at the animal shelter would make sure she was taken care of. But I was still worried – what if they determined it wasn’t safe to keep her there? Where would she go?

The wolf-dog’s story ends with a regular Christmas miracle. A special shelter in New Jersey that cares for domestic-bred wolves took her in, and they say that “Lady” is making lots of new friends there! They also shared a video of Lady bonding with hew new companions, and it looks like she is very happy. Who knew wolves could be so affectionate? According to the shelter, Howling Woods Farm, today’s wolfdogs are not the direct offspring of wolves. They come from several generations of wolfdog breeding – so they are not “wild” at all. They are mutts just like me!


Tidings of Good Cheer

Christmas has come and gone, but the charm of playing with my new toys hasn’t warn off yet!

The three of us spent Christmas in our apartment in Manhattan: just me, Mom and Dad. Mom made baked mostaccioli for Christmas Eve dinner, and I got to taste some of the meaty pasta sauce. I wish I could have eaten a whole bowl of it!

While Mom and Dad drank wine and watched Love Actually, I fought to keep my eyes open so I could catch a glimpse of Santa this year. But that pasta sauce made my eyelids heavy….

Maybe I’ll finally meet him next year. Santa, for such a big guy, you really are sneaky!

Merry Christmas from Uptown Dog

Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve, and I just can’t wait for Santa to arrive! I wanted to share some Christmas cheer with all of you, so I made this video. I encourage you to sing along!

Wishing all of my readers a very happy howliday!

Home for the Howlidays

With my final post of the week, I want to help out some of my furry friends in New York City who are looking for a home this “howliday” season. The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals is holding a huge adoption event this weekend at the Metropolitan Pavilion called “Whiskers in Wonderland.”  Check out the Mayor’s Alliance website for more details. The Mayor’s Alliance has a goal of making NYC a no-kill city by 2015, and we are behind them all the way!

Now, I don’t advocate giving pets as gifts because so many of them wind up back in shelters. Check out this post from the Iowa Dog Blog with some great thoughts on the subject. But if you’ve been thinking about adopting a pet for awhile, giving a homeless animal a loving home is a great way to celebrate the season. 

This adorable holiday video from Bergdorf Goodman might persuade you to take the plunge and adopt a pet for Christmas. (Thanks Miles to Style for sharing this!)

Even if you aren’t ready to adopt right now, you can still stop by Whiskers in Wonderland for some last-minute shopping and unusual holiday fun, including a poker-playing dog and a pet psychic! I want to get Mom one of these Mayor’s Alliance t-shirts from SocialPakt. (You can order these online too!)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Dear Santa: I have a new address

Christmas is just a couple weeks away, and you know what that means. Santa’s elves are doing last-minute recon to make sure the naughty and nice lists are accurate. Since Santa has to hit a lot of houses in one night, I imagine they have everything planned down to the last millisecond.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the Santa concept. I know that he wears a red suit and brings Christmas presents to good boys and girls (and doggies too). I also know that Santa has a pretty straightforward way of judging people. Either you’re naughty or you’re nice. There’s no in between. And in order to qualify for Santa’s presents, you absolutely must be on the nice list.

Since I’m a reformed dog who doesn’t chew on shoes, I haven’t had much trouble getting on the nice list. But just to be sure that I don’t wake up to a stocking full of catnip on Christmas Day, I am always extra good when I know the elves are watching.

I also want to make sure that Santa’s elves let him know where to deliver my presents this year, since we just moved three weeks ago. Mom says it’s not a good idea to broadcast your address on the Internet, so instead I took some pictures to show Santa what our new apartment looks like.

We don’t have a lot of room for decorations here, but we managed to squeeze in a little Christmas tree.

These are our stockings hanging in a row: one for Mom, one for Dad, and one for me.

We might have room for a bigger tree if Mom and Dad didn’t have so many books. Maybe you could bring them a Kindle.

And here I am on my very best behavior.

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