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Favorite Toys: The Vampire

As we are getting ready to move, Mom is making me go through all my toys and decide which ones I want to bring. She says the broken ones, and the ones I never play with, need to go.

I think this is ridiculous because Mom and Dad have 10 times more stuff than I do! Do you really need all those shoes? You never even chew on them. What a waste.

Anyway, Mom isn’t sure if one of my favorite toys, the vampire, can come with us. Can you guys help me change her mind? I can’t bear the thought of leaving my vamp behind!

Me and vamp in better days – Mom got him for me on sale after Halloween. I love how my eyes look spooky like his!

The vampire and I have had a lot of fun together, as the next picture will show. Maybe too much fun. There isn’t much vampire left.

Mom removed the squeaker and the stuffing, so the vampire doesn’t pose any dangers to me. He doesn’t bite either….he’s a nice vampire.

Leave a comment to tell my Mom to let me keep him. Pretty please!


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