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Wordless Wednesday

Preparing to rob the hot dog stand.


Take me out to the ballgame

One of my favorite memories from living in D.C. is going to Pups at the Park at Nationals Stadium.

A baseball game might not seem like the best place for a dog. It’s crowded, hectic, and dogs really don’t have the attention span to follow the action.

But, Mom and Dad let me eat an entire hot dog, so now baseball is my favorite sport! We don’t have any pictures of the hot dog because I ate it too quickly. Instead, here’s a shot of me enjoying the game from Dad’s lap.

I had my own seat, but why sit by yourself when Mom and Dad are around?

Welcome to Uptown Dog’s World

Uptown Dog is about to embark on a big journey, and he wants you to tag along with him.

Mom and Dad are packing up their Toyota Corolla and taking Uptown Dog to a place with one of his favorite foods – hot dogs – on every street corner.

You guessed it – it’s New York City!

Uptown Dog is very eager to experience this smelly new place, but he is sad to leave behind all of his friends. We created this blog so you can see what Uptown Dog is up to, and experience the Big Apple from his canine perspective.

For those who are just meeting Uptown Dog, we are excited to share his story with you too. In the posts to follow, you can learn about where Uptown Dog came from and get to know a little bit about his personality.

We hope you love life with Uptown Dog as much as we do!

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