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Twilight Yappy Hour

Now that it’s getting warmer outside, I’ve had more opportunities to venture out and explore the neighborhood. Recently I stumbled upon one of my favorite new spots, and it happened entirely by accident.

Remember the pedestrian bridge and the East River walk I told you about? One warm weekend afternoon, Mom decided we should walk along the river as far as we could, and just see where it takes us. We walked almost twenty blocks and we were about to turn around and head for home. Thank goodness we decided to walk just a bit farther, and that’s when we found it.

A dog park! And it’s much bigger and flatter than the one at Carl Schurz Park, so there’s even more room for high-speed chases, or just running in circles by yourself because you are so excited you don’t know what else to do.

It’s practically nestled under the Queensboro Bridge, and you can watch the red tram carry people over the East River to and from Roosevelt Island.

The best time to hit this dog park is Yappy Hour, which is in the early evening when our people get home from work. After being cooped up all day, sometimes things get a little weird, so you have to keep your wits about you.

In addition to lots of friendly outgoing dogs and a lovely view of the river, there’s also some original urban artwork to enjoy. Mom says it’s called “graffiti” and she doesn’t seem very impressed with it. I hope that city life isn’t making her too jaded! There are new surprises around every corner here in New York, and I never want to stop exploring.


Paws to the Pavement: A Run in Central Park

Welcome to Uptown Dog’s latest project – the “Paws to the Pavement” photography feature! I love browsing Flickr and Instagram to see how other city dogs are making the most of life in an urban environment. So I decided, why not share these great pictures on my blog? 

I want to start out “Paws to the Pavement” with a dog who lives right here in New York City. Check out these shots of Maverick, a pit bull, exploring Central Park. Maybe I’ll see you there sometime, Maverick…if I can catch up with you!

(Source – Shahab Ghalambor on Flickr)

My new dog park

Hey guys! I finally found my new favorite hangout. It’s the dog run at Carl Schurz Park on the Upper East Side.

Going to the dog park is a very exciting journey. First, we walk past a bunch of fancy buildings on East End Avenue, and I say hello to all the doormen. They keep the doors open and wait outside for me, but Mom never lets me go in. I don’t understand!

Next we walk along the promenade next to the East River. There are big boats going by and lots of these fat birds called pigeons. I’m confused by them because they don’t seem scared of me at all. When I come up behind them for a sniff, they just keep on waddling like they don’t have a care in the world. They strike me as particularly germy creatures, so I wouldn’t go after them anyway…but don’t they realize that I’m kind of a predator?

Finally, we reach the dog park! No matter what time of day we are there, the pooches are always out to play. Most of the dogs here are around my size, which means that most of my wrestling matches are pretty fair. I’m used to being the runt of the group.

Mom has trouble getting good pictures of me at the dog park because I am constantly on the move. I was exhausted after our trip to the park on Saturday, so I sprawled out with a treat and got a belly rub from Dad. This city is starting to grow on me!

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