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Franky Sniffs His Way to the Supreme Court

I am always sniffing things that get me into trouble, but luckily for me, no one has made a federal case out of it! Meet Franky, a handsome chocolate lab who is sniffing out the boundaries of the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement.

Image via Dog Files

Franky is a retired drug dog who served with the Miami-Dade Police Department for seven years. His journey to the High Court began in 2006, when officers brought Franky to investigate an anonymous tip about a marijuana grow house. Franky detected the odor of marijuana outside the front door, which provided officers with probable cause to obtain a search warrant. Franky’s nose was right on the money: Police found 179 marijuana plants inside. In case you’re not sure how much weed that is, it’s worth more than $700,000. Good boy, Franky!

When the occupant of the home was hauled into court, his attorney argued that Franky’s dog sniff violated the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures. Drug-sniffing dogs are not uncommon – you’ve probably seen them in action at the airport or the train station. The Supreme Court has approved dog sniffs in public areas such as these, where there is a low expectation of privacy. Police dogs can sniff suitcases, packages, and cars to their heart’s content without offending the Constitution.

The problem with Franky’s case is that it involves the sanctity of the home, which receives the utmost protection under the Fourth Amendment. A dog’s nose can give officers a glimpse of what’s going on inside the home, which could be considered a search that requires a warrant. But Florida prosecutors argue that a dog sniff is never a search, because drug dogs are only trained to detect illegal substances, and there is no expectation of privacy with regard to illegal activity.

On Friday, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case and resolve the constitutional issue of Franky’s sniff. It’s hard to predict which way the Court will come down in this case. But one thing’s for certain: Franky was a great police dog! Dog Files has all the details on his career. He worked for seven years, and assisted with the seizure of 2.5 tons of marijuana and $4.9 million in drug money. Franky retired in June 2011 and lives with his former handler. His happy, friendly disposition was his best asset as a police dog. He could work in the most crowded, hectic places without raising any suspicion.

After all that hard work, I sure hope Franky is enjoying retirement.

Image via Wired News

(Sources: WSJ Law Blog and Dog Files.)


One last romp at the Washington National Cathedral

On Sunday, Mom brought me to the Bishop’s Garden at the National Cathedral one last time. It also happened to be the day that the Cathedral was finally reopening after the earthquake in August.

The Bishop’s Garden is the perfect space to run in big wide circles after being cooped up in our apartment – and we had the place to ourselves!

I wonder what my new favorite place will be in New York. Will I find anything as beautiful as this?

Have a great weekend!

What are you guys up to this weekend? Mom is really busy getting ready for the move, but I hope she’ll have time to take me to the park.

We’ll be back next week. In the meantime, here are a few links to tide you over.

Finally – beer for dogs! (via Teddy Hilton)

More Veteran’s Day cuteness – dogs welcoming soliders home. (via Deadspin and @JeffJeffrey)

Who’s the cuter dog dad – Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds? (Mom made me post this – via People Pets)

While we’re at it, is Ryan Gosling cuter than a puppy? (via BuzzFeed)

Travel to the top of the National Cathedral with the stone mason making earthquake repairs. I’ll miss going for walks over there! (via CNN)

Veterans Day

Veterans and military families, thank you for the sacrifices you have made for our country.

Uptown Dog as Sgt. K9 for his first Halloween

Today Uptown Dog would also like to honor his four-legged friends who serve in the military and search-and-rescue missions.

Read about dogs serving in Afghanistan in the New York Times.

Also check out this video about the American Humane Association’s Hero Awards, and this New York Times slideshow about dogs who served on 9/11.

Trip to the pumpkin patch with Auntie Elle

I have been spending a lot of time with my Auntie Elle lately, because she just got back from living abroad. I love her because she doesn’t skimp on the belly rubs, and she takes me for long walks in the forest near our apartment. She even lets me off the leash so I can sniff whatever I want! That forest is a treasure trove of smells.

In October we celebrated Auntie Elle’s birthday with a trip to the pumpkin patch. My Mom wasn’t sure how I would react to this new place, because in the past I have been very apprehensive around pumpkins. There’s just something suspicious about their lack of expression. And unlike basketballs, which are also orange and round, they don’t roll or bounce. They just sit there waiting for you to let your guard down so they can attack. I’m scared of basketballs too, but at least when they stop moving I can relax for a minute.

After observing pumpkins in their natural environment, I realized they are nothing to be scared of. They look so helpless strewn about in a field with dirt all over them.

Now that I’ve conquered my fear of pumpkins, I don’t have to dread Halloween anymore! Oh wait…

Take me out to the ballgame

One of my favorite memories from living in D.C. is going to Pups at the Park at Nationals Stadium.

A baseball game might not seem like the best place for a dog. It’s crowded, hectic, and dogs really don’t have the attention span to follow the action.

But, Mom and Dad let me eat an entire hot dog, so now baseball is my favorite sport! We don’t have any pictures of the hot dog because I ate it too quickly. Instead, here’s a shot of me enjoying the game from Dad’s lap.

I had my own seat, but why sit by yourself when Mom and Dad are around?

My friend Riley

After we move to New York, one of the friends I’ll miss the most is Riley. This post is dedicated to her. 

When her Mom and Dad go out of town, Riley gets to stay at our apartment. She might be three times my size, but that doesn’t get in the way of some serious roughhousing!

Here’s Riley and me at the dog park:

And here we are relaxing on the couch:

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