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Dream Kitchen

The kitchen has always been one of my favorite rooms, because that’s where tasty morsels rain from the sky. Our New York kitchen can be a treacherous place, though. One person can fit inside just fine. One person plus a dog is pushing it. Two people? Definitely not. So when I’m waiting patiently for my tasty morsels, Mom is constantly tripping over me. Ouch!

Here I am waiting for a chicken sausage pizza to come out of the oven. As you can see, our kitchen is on the small side. Or as a real estate agent would say, it is “cozy” and “intimate.”

For our next place, I’m envisioning a kitchen kinda like this. I can just kick back, relax and let the tasty morsels come to me. I think Mom would like it too, because she wouldn’t trip over me all the time!

(Image via Dogasaur)


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